Script Consultant

In my several years of screen writing, I have collaborated with extremely talented writers, producers and directors and I have received the highest quality script notes on proposed changes to my scripts. This process has been invaluable to becoming a better screenwriter and I’ve begun offering my services to other writers. For a small fee, I would be happy to review your script and provide thorough notes for your rewrite. Complete the form to submit an inquiry.

Script Consultant Reviews

“I trust Kelsey Tucker as a script consultant for three reasons. First, her story telling instincts are impeccable. Second, she is deeply qualified: writer, actor, successful producer, and attorney. She is a formidable player in every aspect of the game. Third, she is affable and diplomatic when it comes to telling me what I need to be told. In short, a gem.” – David Wagstaff, Screenwriter/Producer

“Writer Kelsey Tucker reviewed a screenplay for my friend who was having a hard time getting her movie produced. Within days of receiving the script, Kelsey sent back a detailed list of carefully crafted notes pertaining to story structure, character analysis and significant screenwriting plot device. These comments were objective yet masterfully focused on helping my friend to attain clarity of story for her intended audience. Kelsey’s notes were remarkably insightful, and her spirit of generosity gleaned from her own experience as a Producer and Writer served my friend’s project immensely.” – Sandi Holden, Musician/Actor/Director

“Writing a feature-length screenplay can start out exciting, move through tedium, and arrive at some kind of peace. That middle part, the tedium, that’s when you need Kelsey Tucker, tedium buster. In addition to the objectivity that an outside reader brings to your work, she brings wit and humor that introduce levity to the analytical process of improving writing. It’s easy to spout clichés about how important re-writing is, but it’s painful, damn painful, and why not do that with someone fun? Okay, so you are smart enough to turn to Kelsey, what then? She brings together a unique combination to the writing process: the precision of a lawyer with the spontaneity of an actor. Precision is essential when considering structure. A trained actor views motivations and character arcs in a practical, problem-solving manner. Her expertise combines with encouragement in a manner that brings out the best in the material, as well as the writer. If you hope to find peace at the end of that writing rainbow, having Kelsey Tucker in your corner through the tedium phase, not only makes it more fun, but also makes the writing stronger all the way around.” – Steve Perkins, Screenwriter/Director/Artist

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