Voiceover Work

My VO work is actually some of the earliest success I found in my acting career.  I landed a 2-year contract as the female VO talent on radio commercials for the retail chain The Jean Machine when I was 16 years old.  I learned quickly how much I loved it. One day I’d be dancing on the wing of a biplane, the next I’d be scaling down the side of a building, always in a fabulous pair of jeans that my male VO partner couldn’t help commenting on. That’s what’s so great about VO, you can literally do anything the mind can imagine because it’s all audio.

More recently I was lucky enough to tape some radio spot for ODOT (which led to me doing their TV commercial as well). And I got to play a “crazy old southern lady” on one episode then a buttoned up scientist for another episode of the alien-drama podcast HUSK. We were laughing so hard in that booth!  My VO work is something I’m focusing more energy on this year, really working hard to get this part of my career taking off again so I can book more projects and deliver more great work.